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Beverlee McMillen

Hey Love, can't wait to meet you in the salon!

Welcome to your new salon home....

Can't wait to meet you, gorgeous. So what are you waiting for?  Let's get this party started!

The experience will begin with you filling out the Digital Consultation Form.  This form is essential and cannot be skipped.  I respect your time and want to make sure I'm the right stylist for your unique needs.  You will be able to attach photos for yourself and inspiration pictures.  This form helps me with current hair condition and desired results. Once I receive this form I will send an email within 24 hours Monday-Saturday of what package is best for your hair care needs.  This email will include my online booking site so you can choose your preferred day and time.  Make sure you check your spam folder too!  

The day before your appointment you will receive your Welcome Email including how to enter the salon studios and what to expect before your appointment day. You will also receive a Client Customization Day of Appointment texted a few hours before your appointment.   You will pull up to the Lone Tree Medical Building in the back, facing West. There is plenty of  free parking(uncovered and covered).  You will see the entrance to Maxx Salon Suites on the left hand side of the Lone Tree Medical Building on the main floor.  Enter through that door.  Maxx Salon Suites is Suite 145,  you are in the right place! My studio 112, is the very first suite in the front on the right hand side.

Once you enter my suite, we will have a 15 minute consultation.  From here, I will gather hair history, desired goals, and a detailed plan of your visit. We will also discuss your long-term plan to make sure all of your hair goals are met.

If you are here for color, a customized color will be formulated for you and recorded for your future visits or if we ever want to shake things up a bit.  It's all in the details!

There is free Wi-Fi, beverages and snacks to make you feel relaxed and at home.  

We will finish off your appointment with a hairstyle and Instagram mini photo shoot (if you are open to it) I will recommend at home hair care maintenance to keep your tresses looking great in between hair appointments.  We will set your next appointment at the end as well or you are welcome to book online if you like to stretch your hair visits out.


Step 1

Click here to choose your services

Step 1

Click here to choose your services

Step 2

An email will be sent to you within 24 hrs Monday-Saturday for what appointment package is best for you.  Don't forget to check your spam folder too!

Step 3

Click my online booking link in the email sent of what your perfect appointment will be and you choose your preferred day and time

Step 4

Fall in love with your new salon home!
Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy, I get that, so I take away all of the usual stress and confusion through a unique new guest booking experience.

As a new client,  we will need extra time and a detailed consultation to achieve your desired look!

Pricing is broken down into different time blocks and services to eliminate any confusion as what to look for when booking online.

Please review the services below and hit the "Digital Consultation" button below.  This is crucial to accept your appointment!  If you are still unsure of what service to choose or have problems booking online, please email  me at: and I will get back to you within 24 hours Tues-Saturday.

New Guest Booking Options...

New Guest Booking Option #1
Cover and Gloss
Just need your roots touched up without foil work or lightening, a fresh cut or trim, and a style?  Ends are glossed to keep everything fresh and renewed. Let's keep it simple!  You will start your appointment with a thorough consultation, a color matching or color shifting formulation process, a fresh color application, gloss to refresh your ends,cut or trim and style.

2 hours 30 minutes

Choose the "Cover and Gloss" when you book below.
Shampoo Experience
New Guest Booking Option #2
Lighten Up!
Do you generally get highlights throughout the top of your hair? Nothing at the back, a few brighter pieces in the front and some balanced blonde throughout the top of your head? Sweet!  You just need a partial highlight. Your visit will start with a thorough consultation, a color matching or shifting formulation process,  a fresh color application, toner/glaze, cut or trim and style.

3 hours 15 mins

New Guest Booking Option #3
The Lighter the Brighter
Do you prefer to be lighter and brighter throughout your hair? Maybe you usually get a full head of highlights with foils or you love Balayage.  Either way, let's get you booked for the Lighter the Brighter and we will make a plan when you arrive.  You will start your appointment with a thorough consultation, a color matching or color shifting formulation process, a fresh color application, toner/gloss, cut or trim and style.  
*Additional charge for a Root Smudge for that "lived in" highlighted look.

4 hours

New Guest Booking Option #4
60 Minute Haircut or 75 Minute Haircut
Want to skip the color and just get a fresh cut?  You will start your appointment with a thorough consultation, a precision cut or trim, and style.

60 Minute Haircut is for guests who typically have hair above the collar bone and do not take more than 15 minutes for a blow dry style.  $64

Have hair past the collar bone, thicker hair and blow dry time takes more than 15 minutes?  This is my most popular for my guests!  $79

New Guest Booking Option #5
The Cut the Frizz
Do you want shinier hair with less frizz and cut down on blow-dry time?  You will start your appointment with a thorough consultation, a smoothing solution application, cut or trim and blow-dry style followed by a flat iron service to lock in the Brazilian Blowout solution.

2 hrs


**All prices subject to change**
Need Something Else?
Do you want to make a major color change or a service that isn't listed here?  You're covered!  Simply send an email to and we will start with a digital consultation.
New Guest Booking
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