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Intimate Salon Suite focusing on Highlights, Grey Coverage and Hair Extensions

Making every visit a relaxing escape from your busy life

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What People Say

I recommend Beverlee to anyone I come in to contact with!  She is professional , kind, caring and AMAZING with hair.  She's never pushed me to do an expensive color or treatment I wan't 100% set on and I think that's a true testament to her character. She also gives hands down, the best scalp massage while shampooing! 10/10 would HIGHLY recommend for all your hair care needs!

-Rebecca H

The Buzz Around Town...

"Beverlee is absolutely amazing! I've never had such a customized/tailored experience!  She is so talented at her work.  I feel so beautiful and pleased with the result!"

-Lauryn B.

"Beverlee isn't just providing a service it's an EXPERIENCE.  So calming and wonderful.  Her attention to detail and putting in so much work into your relaxation and satisfaction with your services is unmatched.  Abslolutely incredible."

Lisa P.

"Beverlee was so wonderful and welcoming for my first visit.  I love her attention to detail, making sure I had the exact experience I wanted.  Finally found my new stylist!"

-Schuyler Gibson

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